FREE Assessments & Appraisals

Do you find yourself with a trove of collectibles whose worth remains a mystery? Whether they came into your possession through inheritance, a storage auction victory, an estate sale find, or simply gathered dust in your garage or closet, Blaze Auctions is here to assist.

We understand the value these items hold, and we're delighted to offer you a complimentary assessment of their potential worth and marketability.

Let us unravel the mystery of your collectibles, providing you with insights that can turn your treasures into valuable assets. Your hidden gems might just be waiting to shine, and [Your Company Name] is ready to illuminate their true worth for you.

Cash Buyouts

Are you ready to part ways with your unwanted collectibles, but the thought of the intricate selling process feels overwhelming?

We understand the challenges that come with selling a collection – the tedious listing, photographing, navigating online marketplaces, and the endless back-and-forth with potential buyers.

We recognize the time and energy it demands, and that's why we're here to simplify the entire experience for you.

Say goodbye to the hassle, as we offer a straightforward solution: a fair and competitive offer for your entire collection. Skip all the hassle and complexities and let us make selling your collectibles easy and rewarding.

Consignment Options

If you're looking to part ways with all or part of your cherished collection without the hassle of managing the sales process yourself, and you're not keen on the idea of selling in bulk to a reseller, our consignment service is the perfect solution for you.

If you want to sell your collection, but are not in a time crunch then our consignment service offers a stress-free alternative, sparing you from the intricate work of listing, marketing, and negotiating.

Rest assured that your items will be showcased to potential buyers, allowing you to recoup fair market value without lifting a finger. Consider our consignment service as your pathway to a seamless, hassle-free selling experience.

FREE Consultation

Navigating the decision to sell your collection can be a complex and personal journey. We recognize that sometimes, you just need someone to talk to – someone who can provide straightforward answers and advice without any pressure to commit.

Whether you're unsure about parting ways with your collection or simply need guidance on the best course of action, we're here for you in a casual and confidential manner. Our team is dedicated to offering a listening ear and helping you sort through the myriad of questions and factors involved in the process.

Consider us your trusted companions on this exploration, ready to provide the insights and support you need to make informed decisions about your collection, without any obligation


How does the Assessment & Appraisal Work?

We will setup a call to discuss the details about your items. We will also email you a basic questionaire that will help us assess and appraise your items. If you are unsure of what you have, there's no need to worry as we can help you identify your items and appraise their estimated market value.

How does the cash buyout option work?

First, we'll work with you to get the details about your collection. Then if you are local to the Dallas, TX area we will schedule a mutually agreeable time to view the items. We present you with a no-pressure offer and once agrees upon, we'll pay you right away.

Do you buy collections from out of state?

Yes, we buy collections from all across the USA. In fact, for the right opportunity or purchasing managers will even travel to you. For smaller collections, we typically discuss the deal over the phone or via zoom and then we make arrangements for you to ship your items to us and once they arrive and are inspected, we promptly issue payment directly to you.

What types of items do you accept on consignment?

We typically like to purchase collections outright, but we do accept consignments provided they meet our criteria. Primarily, we are looking for entire collections rather than a handful of items. We accept a wide variety of collectibles including sportscards, vintage toys, video games, and most types of collectibles. However, we are unable to accept autographed items without COA's nor do we accept any reprints of any kind.